Leila H.

Leila H.

California, USA

Tell us about yourself.

I am a nineteen year old from california. I work part time as a lifeguard at a local aquatic facility. I also am attending college as a biochemistry undergraduate major. In my spare time I enjoy going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and playing soccer on a local adult women’s soccer team. 

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to become successful in my future career. My plan is to become a fetal surgeon. The cherry on top would be to contribute to making a new discovery in relation to medicine. 

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful?

In my opinion being your own kind of beautiful means to stay true to yourself despite what others think or say. It means to have an altruistic mindset and to keep your intentions pure despite others trying to knock you down or instigate an argument. 

Tell us about your modeling experience. 

I have none. However i recently became a Kora ambassador and I am excited to see what the future may hold. 

What is your dream brand to model for?

Brandy melville or another vintage type clothing brand. 

How would you describe your fashion style?

I enjoy experimenting. However, my main fashion style is vintage. I usually collaborate simpler items (i.e jeans and a tee) and accessorize with belts/jewelry/or brightly colored jackets to add some flavor. 

How important is self-awareness and confidence to you in your everyday life?

Extremely. I strongly believe self awareness and confidence are key attributes to the way someone interacts with other people. I think that you can be both very confident and very self aware and that is the best most healthy combination to one’s personality. 

What makes you beautiful?

Altruism. I took a psychology class once and that’s how I learned the term. I think that altruism an important trait to have because it is a rare practice, it is very hard to be altruistic all the time ( & i am guilty of not being altruistic all the time ). But i think if you truly try to be selfless and not only think about yourself in situations or how your actions affect you as a person...but train your mind to also think of how your actions, etc may effect someone else...that is a very pure and beautiful thing. 

What would you say to another girl your age who is struggling with their confidence?

Honey, the only person you need to try to impress is yourself. In life you can never make everyone in your life happy at the same time and if you continue to try you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to accomplish that one goal. And in my personal experience when you do that you forget about what makes you happy.