Sophia F.

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Sophia F.

Delaware, USA

Tell us about yourself

I am from Newark, Delaware. I am currently 18 years old and working a part time job while doing college online to obtain my veterinary technician certification and the equivalent to an associates degree, which I should have completed by January 2020. I love animals more than anything, and I am a spiritually in tune and aware being. My aura is sunshine yellow, my animal totems are tiger, dolphin, wolf, here, snake, fox, raccoon, otter, duck, shark, and bunny. 

What is your biggest dream?

To own and operate a sanctuary for big cats and other endangered species.

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful?

To me it means nurturing and nourishing yourself so that you are the healthiest you that you can be, inside and out. If you are not healthy, you do not feel or always appear to be beautiful. 

Tell us about your modeling experience. 

I have done some shoots here and there,  but I'd say I'm more of a newbie.

What is your dream brand to model for?

Anything that has to do with animal rights.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I would describe it as heavily impacted on how I am feeling. Colors, styles, materials change based off of what my overall mental and physical health is.

How important is self-awareness and confidence to you in your everyday life?

It is crucial! Now it is not always there in everyday life and sometimes it is very difficult to let yourself feel genuinely and that is OKAY if you struggle with that, it doesn't make any less of you. Although doing your part by feeding your ability to bring in that energy and maintain it within you in addition to the rest of the world happening around you is something that is imperative for the rising energy of entering the deeper and deeper parts of yourself.

What makes you beautiful/handsome?

Being healthy for sure. I don't want to be that person that is very cliche and says "everyone is beautiful inside and out!" Now although that has truth to it, it has to be accepted that both the good and the bad are or can be beautiful. That goes more for emotional and mental beauty as I see it. Physical beauty no matter how much one wants to argue it, it does matter to us. If it didn't the world would be a very different place. People that take care of themselves the best way that they can with or without help are generally more attractive. People that don't, aren't. Biologically speaking it isn't outlandish to say that we don't find people overweight attractive or people that lack a "normal or average" human feature to be attractive. We as a species through the biological evolution of life have shown that it makes a difference. We are not the only species that behaves this way either. Our goal, evolutionarily speaking, is to reproduce to continue the existence of our species. If we see things like illness that could inhibit our ability to do that we stay clear of it because it would not be beneficial to the goal at hand. Now I know a lot has changed since then, however it is still a sensical biological basis programmed within us.

What would you say to another girl/guy your age who is struggling with their confidence?

I would say to do some deep individual work with yourself, go into your heart space and explore it. There will come truths and answers.