Carli F.


Carli F.

Florida, USA

1. Tell us about yourself .

  • I’m 21 years old and I’m from central Florida! I’m a barista and a gymnastics coach and I love going to the beach and throwing the football any chance I get. I collect bikinis (a financially unhealthy habit) and live off of coffee and açaí bowls! I got married in March to my best friend and plan to eventually move to Alaska where he’s stationed! 

2. What is your biggest dream?

  • My biggest dream is to be completely in love with the life I create. This entails all of the small dreams and goals I have, coming together to create my ultimate dream. I plan to own my own bikini line one day, self-publish another poetry/prose book, model for SI Swim, travel the world with my best friend, and ultimately be proud of my life and all I accomplish. 

3. What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful?

  • To be your own kind of beautiful is to simply embrace all that you are, inside and out. All of those quirky, strange little bits and pieces of your personality — embrace them. They make you who you are, which is unique from everyone else. Knowing that there will never be another you is beautiful in itself. 

4. Tell us about your modeling experience. 

  • I’ve been doing freelance modeling since I was about 15. I work two jobs, so I would book my gigs around that. I’ve done work for Costa, Swim Candy,  Le Motto, etc and have been published in Coco Fashion Magazine, Zephyr Magazine, and Shuba Magazine. I’ve done a book cover and modeled for Hurley at the Orlando Surf Expo, and a bunch of other little side shoots. And while this isn’t your typical modeling job, I also currently do body representation modeling for a major comic book artist/series! 

5. What is your dream brand to model for?

  • I have two dream brands to model for: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Frankie’s Bikinis! Sports Illustrated is such an empowering magazine that showcases beautiful women from all over the world in all different shapes and sizes — they are breaking barriers with each issue, and as someone who’s been turned down from agencies for my “thighs being too big” or needing to “lose some inches off my hips” and change my diet, it would be a dream come true to land such an amazing gig all while remaining true to myself and inspiring other girls and guys to do so as well.  Frankie’s Bikinis is my absolute favorite bikini company. Francesca Aiello’s designs are beautiful and high quality and I would love to make some magic with such a creative and confidence-inducing team! 

6. How would you describe your fashion style?

  • My style is ever changing. I’ve been through the phases — in high school it was black tights and combat boots. Then it was old vintage t-shirts and chunky sneakers. Now I wear whatever my mood calls for that day. I love exploring all aspects of my personality through clothes with everything from frilly femme dresses to old beat-up jeans, dainty heels to sporty sneakers, or tight crop tops to oversized borrowed shirts. I’ll put on whatever I feel like that day (but it’s always cute!) 

7. How important is self-awareness and confidence to you in your everyday life?

  • Self-awareness and confidence are crucial to me in my daily life. Self-awareness is how you grow. You have to be aware of your actions, mistakes, good & bad qualities, and reflect on how to highlight your good qualities and fix the not-so-great qualities so you can better yourself as a person. Self-awareness is holding yourself accountable. Confidenceis how you overcome things. Once you gain your confidence in yourself and all you do, you are able to overcome anything that life throws at you. Nothing can tear down a confident woman. 

8. What makes you beautiful?

  • What makes me beautiful is my kind heart and compassion for others. I take pride in my ability to love deeply and I share my love every chance I get. Beauty is shown in the way you treat others and how much you shine from the inside out and so I always try to sprinkle a little sunshine on everyone I meet. 

9. What would you say to another girl your age who is struggling with their confidence?

  • Be true to yourself. Your best, most authentic self is who you’re meant to be. Start every morning with positive affirmations until you fall in love with yourself because that love will spark an unbelievable confidence in yourself. But really — confidence stems from self acceptance and self love and once you realize that you will be unstoppable. ♥️