Gabrielle S.


Gabrielle S.

Florida, USA.

Tell us about yourself (where are you from, age, whatever you want to add)

I am 19, I am originally from a small town in Sarasota County called North Port, FL . Grew up there for 17 years. Made a big move to the city. I currently reside St. Petersburg, FL.

What is your biggest dream?

To inspire others and become a role model and or a influencer and land the role of Gwen Stacey if Marvel made a stand alone movie about her.

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful?

To be your own kind of beautiful is just to be yourself. I had a hard time learning that. I always wanted to fit in, conforming to others likings and looking for approval. I learned that the best you is being yourself and not caring what others think. Just have fun with it. 

Tell us about your modeling experience. 

Still a newbie at this age, but when I was younger, around age 3, I was doing somethings here and there. I eventually stopped because of financial issues within my family.

What is your dream brand to model for?

I would honestly love to model for Express. Express has been one of my favorite stores for the longest time. I love the styles they have. From street chic to classy business wear, I absolutely adore them. Hoping one day I'll be sponsored by them and maybe have my own inspired clothing line with them.

How would you describe your fashion style?

On a everyday bases, I like being classy and bold. I could go for a cute blouse with black ripped skinny jeans, strappy sandals, coated with a business blazer or a leather jacket.. depends of the day. Kinda if Aeropostale and Hot Topic branded together, that would be my closet.

How important is self-awareness and confidence to you in your everyday life?

I feel that it is super important. I had to learn it myself. It makes you want to go out more and express yourself through the things you love to do. Just not to be afraid of who you are.

What makes you beautiful?

According to One Direction, I don't need make-up to cover up, being the way I am is good enough. The way I flip my hair and smile and the ground. That sums it up.

What would you say to another girl your age who is struggling with their confidence?

I would ask what makes her different and what makes her stand out. I would advice her to focus on that and make that the reason she is beautiful and make it a trend. What makes you different, makes you dangerous. Especially if it's something unique.