Jewels P.

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Jewels P.


What is your biggest dream?

To Be the Highest Paid International Model In The Fashion Industry

Opening my own Modeling school and Agency.

Starting my own brand

Being able to support my family with all their needs

Definitely going to find a source to make world peace

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful?

Just loving and embracing yourself as a person

Tell us about your modeling experience.

  • I been Modeling for about two years and loved every moment of it. Also I went to different modeling schools called ” Barbizon” and John Casablancs to prepare myself for the career I’m trying to pursue in. While I was participating at “John Casablancs” , I signed with an agency called “MTM Agency “ which is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It was an exciting moment for me when I started but it wasn’t the right agency for me . So something like Hannah’s Noelle might be for me.

What is your dream brand to model for?



Tommy Hilfiger


Louis Vuitton

Victoria Secret  ….. Can we take a second to imagine me a VS Angel - True Beauty Right There

How would you describe your fashion style?

  • Sexy

How important is self-awareness and confidence to you in your everyday life?

  • It’s definitely Important to me because without it I wouldn’t be able to keep a determined mindset to help me progress for a successful future. Also I just love the fact of embracing everything about myself because being unique is beautiful.

What makes you beautiful?

  • My Personality

  • My Confidence

  • My Heart

  • My Smile

  • My Body

What would you say to another girl your age who is struggling with their confidence?

  • You should always love yourself because God didn’t put you on this earth not to appreciate his creation of a beautiful soul

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