Coralys B

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Coralys B.

Florida, USA

Tell us about yourself:

Hello, my name is Coralys B. and I am 21 years old. I am originally from Boston Mass. and moved to Florida when I was 7 years old. I am a very goal oriented and dedicated person. I love traveling, dancing, acting, modeling, fitness, and all animals. I love learning new things about myself and my surroundings. Modeling and acting is my main passion and I love the feeling that it brings to continue to teach myself to be confident and love myself to the fullest potential. I look forward to working in this field and striving for success in everything I do.

What is your biggest dream:

My biggest dream is to create and build a life for myself that I love and enjoy what I'm doing each and every day.

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful:

What this means is to be who you truly are, just you being you is such a special and impactful thing in this world because there is no other human being like you. You are rare and so special and your beauty touches others in ways you can't even imagine. Loving yourself, doing what makes you the happiest and embracing your talent and strength of beauty to the world!

Tell us about your modeling experience:

I’ve been modeling since I was a teen and from the beginning I fell in love with everything about it! the ability to be your own self and gain your confidence throughout the journey is such an amazing thing that this career brings. Ive done professional modeling for photographers who reach out to me through my instagram such as swimsuit, fitness, and regular outdoor shoots. I look forward to expanding my modeling career and doing whatever it takes to become successful through this journey.

What is your dream brand to model for:

my dream brand to model for is "Nike" I am a huge fitness person and I love everything that has to do with improving my body and keeping it healthy. Nike is one of the main brand stores where I get all my fitness gears and they are such an incredible company with amazing products to share!

How would you describe your fashion style:

I would say my fashion style is either business casual or fall casual. I love to dress business professional and other times I love to dress in fall season clothes.

How important is self-awareness and confidence to you in your everyday life:

Self-awareness and confidence is super important to me in my everyday life. Everyday I strive for new ways to improve myself In ways that will prosper me to grow into the woman I strive to be everyday. To help me with this i start my day waking up in the morning and telling myself in the mirror "I am beautiful, special, and important". Also starting your day with a positive mindset and also read quotes and books that motivate me and push me to never give up and keep going! I also like to write blogs, I feel like writing or having a personal journal helps a lot too! it's always important to express yourself and find ways to overcome any battle you face!

What makes you beautiful/handsome:

What I feel like makes me beautiful is my personality. I am such an orientated person and I love to share my kindness to the lives surrounding me. My mindset is always I never know what anyone is going through behind closes doors so everyday I share my kindness and find ways to make others day because it can always go a long way! I have such a big heart for others and I always want people to know how important they are. Spreading love, positivity, and kindness is so important to me as a person and everyday I strive to share this with others!

What would you say to another girl/guy your age who is struggling with their confidence:

If someone in my age group was struggling with their confidence I would say to them, "Everyday you are a working progress and you should always find a way to be thankful for everything you experience because it teaches you a lesson and allows you to never give up until you get to where you want to be. Throughout life you come to a point where you lack your confidence but never allow that to cause you to forget that you are covered with protection that will lead you to your destiny. Always surround yourself with those who genuinely support and motivate you. Never let go of of who you truly are and love yourself to your fullest potential because you have a purpose in this world. Everyday know your value, worth, and potential and never allow our lack of confidence to completely overcome this but only make you stronger!"