Alexus J.

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Alexus J.

Florida, USA

About myself

My name is Alexus J., I'm 22 years old, and I'm from Orlando, Florida. I'm a huge animal lover, I love to travel, and I love creating content for my social media platforms. I believe in working hard to achieve my goals and I don't take things for granted. I'm a former professional tennis player and as a result I've traveled all over the country and even to Greece!

Biggest Dream

My biggest dream is to travel the world and be successful in my modeling career.

Own Kind Of Beautiful

Being your own kind of beautiful means to stay true to yourself no matter what. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and sometimes it just takes self confidence to bring that out. It's not always easy but staying unique and doing what you love is the most beautiful thing you can do.

Modeling Experience

My professional modeling experience is limited but due to my tennis background I have done many photoshoots, interviews, and commercials. I also do my own regular photoshoots for my social media so I'm comfortable in front of a camera.

Dream Brand

My dream brand to model for is definitely Versace. They're one of my favorite brands and I'd feel honored if I was ever able to model for them!

Fashion Style

My style is forever changing. If I had to say, I guess I tend to gravitate to an 'edgier' style but sometimes it depends on my mood! I think I could find something I like anywhere.

Self-awareness and confidence

Self-awareness and confidence is very important to me. It wasn't something I always had but I think it's so important to teach young girls and boys to be confident and to love themselves.

What Makes You Beautiful

Ultimately I try to be a good person and greet everyone with a smile. Physical traits are of course something that makes you beautiful on the outside but being beautiful on the inside is what's most important.

Advice for someone my age

Keep focusing on loving yourself. You're worth it, you're loved, and as long as you keep being yourself you'll be exactly who you're meant to be. It's not always easy but you will make it.