Hailee E.


Hailee E.

Tell us about yourself.

My name Hailee E. I am from the USA. I currently reside in New York. I am 14 years old. I love modeling, art and fashion design. I enjoy being creative and love being in front of the camera. I love watching models all on the runway and enjoy reading fashion magazines.

What is my biggest dream ?

My biggest dream is to become a top high fashion model and walk on the runway . I hope to inspire and be a great influence on other aspiring teen models.

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful?

I firmly believe in be unique. I enjoy being creative and expressive myself through my art and fashion. I believe you should always be yourself but be open to the possibilities of any fashion brands. Beauty is believing in yourself even when others do not believe in you . Beauty starts within your soul and then you will gain so much confidence on the outside.

Tell us about your modeling experience.

Ever since I can remember starting in kindergarten I would wear fancy dresses to school everyday . I wouldn’t care if I was the only kid in my class wearing a dress. I wore them even on gym days but with sneakers. I always enjoyed being in front of the camera with a smile on my face. When I was around the age of 12 my parents decided to allow me to open an Instagram account for me in the hopes of finding a modeling agency and/ or fashion designers for me to model for them . They wanted to give the opportunity to purse my dreams .

What is my dream brand to model for ?

There are so many talented, creative fashion designers to choose from . If I could only choose one I have always admired the details and the classy breathtaking dresses that Sherri Hill has designed.

How would I describe my fashion style?

I would describe my fashion style as elegant and classy . I am really open and enjoy modeling all different types of styles.

How important is self awareness and self confidence to you in your everyday life?

Self awareness and self confidence is very important to me because you must believe and trust in yourself to pursue your goals and capture your dreams.

What makes you beautiful?

I believe that my beauty starts from within and shines through to the outside. In order for your beauty to shine to the outside you have to believe in your own beauty. I believe my smile and personality shines very bright.

What would you say to another girl/guy your age who is struggling with their self confidence?

I would tell them that they are more than enough . Try to ignore negativity and never give up. Know you are worthy . You are special and have many dreams waiting ahead of you. Nobody is perfect and every person has value and can be anything they desire if you put you all and your heart into it.

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