Couya M.

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Florida, USA

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Couya , I was born in New York and raised in Florida

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream would be to travel and get a better understanding of different cultures around the world.

What does it mean to be your own kind of beautiful?

Being your own kind of beautiful involves being self aware and striving on that . Being confident  and  driven.

Tell us about your modeling experience. 

 It all started as a hobby and just something to make me feel good in my skin, Eventually i realized this is something i have actually interest  in and wish to pursue .

What is your dream brand to model for? 

My dream brand to model for  would definitely  be Fenty  and Victoria's Secret 

How would you describe your fashion style?

It all depends on my mood  for sure !Some days i feel like i have  the comfy yet cute vibe going on, Then others days im looking to turn every head with something chic yet flashy.

How important is self-awareness and confidence to you in your everyday life?

Self awareness is important  in everyday life because if you aren't sure about yourself it can definitely bring difficulty when trying to understand others and id like to think confidence brings success!

What makes you beautiful? 

]Fearlessness! And being yourself at all times!

What would you say to another girl your age who is struggling with their confidence? 

No ones perfect focus on what makes you individually an awesome person!  Continue to fill your mind with positive thoughts and know that you're beautiful!