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Faye L.

Gaining confidence used to be a problem for me but if you learn to not care about the negativities it will really help boost your confidence. Also just focus on what will make you happy, it may sound hard but it actually REALLY helps :)

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Caleigh M.

You are beautiful. No matter what size of clothes you wear or how many imperfections you have. You are smart, and a young independent woman. You shouldn’t care about what other people think of you. You need to love yourself and love your body because it’s who you are. It’s who god made you to be.

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Tedde L.

Is it possible to say that I really don't have just one fashion style? Because if so, thats definitely the truth. I can't just stick to one style only, I find all the great aspects to so many different styles that I just have to try myself when given the opportunity! I am in love with classic vintage beauty, edgy modern, and hipster vibes just to name a few.

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