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Victoria K.

The truth is, the one who defines your confidence is you. Don’t beat yourself up. Find the illogicality in every insult that has ever been thrown at you. Surround yourself with people who raise you up. And do what makes you feel confident and proud. 

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Cindy R.

Self awareness and confidence takes part in my every day life from the minute I get up in the morning. My confidence helps me feel my best and helps my self-esteem. Self awareness has helped me feel more confident and empowered in myself. Both have helped me to improve as a person.

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Bella N.

I feel it is very important to be self aware and confident in yourself. You have to believe in yourself and know that you can achieve whatever you want to as long as you believe you can overcome any obstacles if you are willing to try. You need to be able to self-assess how you can make changes in order to achieve your goals as well.

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Makena K.

Confidence is so important so I am always trying to make sure I stay positive and not get too hard on myself. That's one big lesson I learn in cheerleading because we fail (and fall) a lot and there's no time to dwell on the situation. No matter what happens, you have to have the confidence to pick yourself right up and move on.

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Lexi K.

What makes me beautiful is my personality, character, my look, and who I am. Everyone is beautiful, because you’re you. I am me, and I am beautiful. My skin, my bones, my brain, is all beautiful. And yours most certainly is too.

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Elena S.

For me, be your own kind of beautiful simply means just to be “Yourself Daily.” You must appreciate

how unique you are and not to imitate others. To understand yourself and find the inner beauty in

you. To be humble enough to know that you are not better than anybody and wise enough to know

that you are different from the rest.

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Sophia F.

Being healthy for sure. I don't want to be that person that is very cliche and says "everyone is beautiful inside and out!" Now although that has truth to it, it has to be accepted that both the good and the bad are or can be beautiful. That goes more for emotional and mental beauty as I see it.

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